6 Steps to Learn Guitar – (Matt McCoy)

This video explains the 6 steps a person should learn to go from no guitar knowledge to playing songs they hear on the radio. Also, My 2 Beginner Guitar DVD’s are now available on my website over at http://www.acousticselection.com Check them out! For less than the cost of 1 guitar lesson you can play hundreds of songs fast!
Link to 4 Easy Chords:

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  1. Alex E.B. TV says:

    Great lesson. I will share this with my friends.

  2. k randolph says:

    Very good lesson thank you for sharing your talent .

  3. alon kaufman says:

    Hi Matt,
    Show us more stuff from step number 6

  4. macus wong says:

    you are awesome!

  5. EpicJosh15 says:

    Thanks man your setting a great example to the community your helping a lot
    of people see god clearly and teaching us about music god is doing great

  6. Rachel Niemela says:

    Well thank you! You definitely will! Ha I deleted that one that you
    commented on cause I have a new and improved version up now ;P but I
    appreciated that comment!

  7. soundwave809 says:

    Excellent, simple lesson.

  8. Jo Jay says:

    That was great Matt. Could you do a video on the 6th step? Like hammer ons,
    scales and other cool things to personalize a song . God bless you. 

  9. Rachel Niemela says:

    Awesome video for beginners!! Very informative!

  10. Derek Hoyt says:

    this is great and very informative, wish I had this video a year ago when I
    first started ..woulda lerned a lot quicker… you really do have a great
    way of teaching and its so much easier than from anyone else I’ve watched
    lessons from.

  11. Michael Spencer says:

    nice share

  12. abu bakkar says:

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    learn guitar step by step guide
    try Alkarno Amazing Guitar Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
    interesting things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.


  13. Buzz Tesla says:

    Wow. Exactly what I was looking for. The high-level list of what to focus
    on for learning guitar. Thanks for taking the time to help us out, Matt!

  14. gomes rocky says:


  15. max uyasi says:

    likes to learn to play guitar, much thanks…

  16. Shashwat Ghule says:

    Can you tell me what kind of Eletronic tuner you were using or a better

  17. Music Of Mystery says:

    I dont have a pick… are you able to play songs as good as you do with a

  18. zHyPePro2 says:
  19. Monica Buller says:

    I have a guitar that is smaller than the usually sized guitars. Are the
    frets and chords the same on it as other larger guitars cuz sometimes the
    chords just don’t sound right at all??

  20. kiel gross says:

    my finger keeps blocking some of the string when i play i think my finger
    are to big or most likely im holding it wrong can any pne help me with this

  21. Amna Bananana says:

    Thanks , I had a guitar but don’t know how to use it! This lesson really
    paid off .! After watching this vid, I think learning guitar not so hard
    like I used to think

  22. Wafi Karim says:

    Thank you man it did really help!!!!

  23. Dennis Oliver says:

    will you do a video on how to play the song learning to be the light thanks

  24. samir samrou says:

    hey ,if anyone else trying to find out best guitar course online try Elumpa
    Simple Guitar Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things
    about it and my co-worker got great success with it. 

  25. Anurag Kumar says:

    this one is the best on youtube 

  26. Samarth Bedre says:

    i bought a guitar yesterday and watched this video this is awesome man keep
    it up and thank you very much 

  27. Pryo CroGunner says:

    matt you are awesome

  28. aftab alam says:

    A great thank to you Sir- this video is the best i best seen in past 2,3
    this video is best for the beginners

  29. kaytlynn rice says:

    im a 12 year old my dad got me my first guitar and I want to learn and this
    is really helping but matt when I go to tune it I always snap the high
    chord and I don’t have the money to keep rebuying them so how do u know
    when its too tight before it snaps?

  30. Hira Lalani says:

    thanks so much for this Matt! just recently got a guitar and not only did
    this video teach me a lot (especially with the examples) it also really
    gave me motivation! i can’t wait to start learning, and i owe some of it to
    you. thanks for everything you do(:

  31. swank Mon says:

    dude got skills

  32. rocknroargodezz Reaper says:

    Do you actually need a pick because I have no picks