1. Hey what guitar do you have? I'm a beginner and have been playing for about 42 days but i am quite good and can play almost all basic chord fluently and my finger style if quite good. Can you recommend any acoustic guitar that would suit me?

  2. Love this Elton John Song! Thanks Marty!

    Anyone having trouble check out VLC Media Player. You copy and paste the Youtube link in the player and you can speed up, slow down or A-B repeat any part of the leson. It's absolutely perfect for guitar lessons. I wish Youtube had these feature.

  3. Hey Marty! Would be awesome you do lesson Elton John – Without Question (guitar version) from movie Road To El Dorado :) There is really nice licks!

  4. I'm a musical ding dong and I have been struggling with the last two chords of that bridge. Are the last two right???? I thought G/B and G/D sounded the closest to me. Thoughts? Ugh… diminished chords do happen face palm

  5. I dont know why but i find this song truly beautiful. I suppose its the magical power of music…

  6. Hi Marty, I subscribed to you . . . so could you do the same for me? Anyway, great video. I like songs that are piano originals that are broken down for the guitar. I do a version of Joni Mitchell's "For Free." Take care!

  7. privettricker is the best on you tube. Dude plays every tune exact to original. Marty's cool for beginers ….

  8. This is just a great song and a great video now i understand how to play thx for uploading !

  9. i could use some help. i would love to learn better off dead by elton john on guitar. but thats a little out of my ear to figure out. if you have the time could you give it a shot? love your videos and thanks!

  10. Been trying to pick this one out for a couple months now, but never had the time to really sit down and figure it all out at once. Thanks for making learning one of my favorite songs of all time a reality. In under 15 minutes too. Well done, mate.