How to play 10 EASY guitar songs using 3 chords E, A, & D l Beginners Level

In this video you’ll see how to play 10 songs using the chords E, A, & D. They may not be in that order, but you’ll see how these songs use those chords. I’ll show you how to play songs like Wild Thing, Cherry Cherry, Gloria, R.O.C.K. In The USA, just to name a few. I’ve spent a little extra time in the beginning explaining how to put together each chord..E, A, & D..I’ve also spent a little extra time explaining strumming for the first few songs, and less with some of the later ones. Some of the songs you may want to simplify to make it easier with strumming, since it takes time to get comfortable doing, but overall you will learn 10 songs in a short amount of time, using these three chords. Be sure to subscribe for more videos!!


  1. Cool, challenging and rewarding lesson, just what a doctor ordered. subscribed, what can i do)

  2. Can I post a link to a recording we made of Gloria? We learned how to play it after watching this!

  3. wow, great song choices…started easy and got progressively harder. you great style, so I subscribed