How To Play ANY Song On Guitar By Ear!

How to play ANY song on guitar by ear! This tutorial is a little bit different than my usual ones I do but I was very excited to do it for you guys! This lesson is wayyyyyyyyy longer than my usual and sorry for that, I tell a bit of a backstory that takes up a lot of time. I hope this tutorial helps all the new guitar players and even the ones who have been playing for a while! If you dig this video please check out my other ones, subscribe, like, and comment to say what’s up and ask any questions if you have them :) Thanks again for watching!!


  1. I've been playing by ear for a bit with a lot of struggle and let me say you are a angel for explaining that! Love your story and your perspective nailed it… Soon as I got done watching this I listened to a few of my favorite songs and did what you said, and I have one of the songs almost pretty much solid! Thanks again! I don't know what I would've done without this… And do you mind telling me who's the make of your guitar??? Every time I watch your videos I can't get over how gorgeous it sounds and love the way it looks! 

  2. I really appreciate this video. I had to teach myself so I never understood like, REAL, guitar. only know am I trying to learn (after 7 years). I'm trying to learn new stuff. Every song seems like the same difficulty. I feel stuck, like what you explained in your background story. I dont know guitar theory, or scales. I've been trying to teach myself songs by ear, and finding the chords are easy, but doing stuff lead guitarist do, like solos and the melody, that's tough. I even took an AP music theory class this year in high school, and that helped a lot. youre a really chill teacher, thanks for the videos!

  3. Dude! You have to become friends with me! I totally totally know where you are coming from! And ice been playing for 10 years and just now have gotten fed up not being able to totally play by ear and learn anything i want. So i liked it up and boom..there YOU are. I think your points alone should be taken to the bank.