Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric …


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  • Part 1 – The First Step (up to 102 minutes) covers – tuning methods, string names, essential chords and scales used by all players, musical reference section (notes, rhythms, chords and scales), practice tips, fretting-hand technique, picking-hand technique, backing tracks for play-along, an animated fretboard, & more
  • Part 2 – Play Electric! (up to 100 minutes) covers – right-hand technique, left-hand technique, rhythm parts (muting, alternate picking, arpeggios), soloing technique (string bending, vibrato), rock, blues & country styles, rhythm and solo ideas for each style, backing tracks in each style for play-along, sounds (amplifiers and effects), caring for your instrument, and tips from the Fender Custom Shop
  • Special DVD features include –
  • Bonus footage, including a tour of the Fender factory!
  • Looping capabilities


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