Ray Stevens-Gitarzan

There was one time, I set my alarm to play the radio to wake me up, an this song was playing the alarm went off when Jane began singing, needless to say… I woke up.

Memories as a young lad; priceless. So many things on this you tube that I never dreamed I would hear or see again.

In 1969 at my small high school in Easley, South Carolina three students did a skit to this song for the senior show. The school’s biggest blond jock was Gitarzan, a cheerleader who looked like Ruth Buzzi was Jane, and the class clown was the monkey. The student body and staff about lost their minds and think I peed my pants a little.

My first Ray Stevens record. 45’s

Look up the rock afire explosion- guitarzan. thank me later

thank you ray booked to see yoi sept 3rd

+Roger Huff excuse the mispell


Totally hilarious!!

This video would be considered racist in todays PC environment and be banned.

How bruh? it’s literally a person in a gorilla suit. There’d be like two people complaining. this the most straight edge, safe, noon offensive video I ever seen, kid.

The gal singing “Babeeeeee babeeeeee” sounds like a Janis Joplin wannabe! ☺

Look its fatz friends XD

yup. think we need to cover this.

Lol! Ray Stevens is hilarious! Guitarzan!

Funny stuff!  This song reminds me of that other one(Gorilla my Dreams)

we took first, lip-syncing this in a school talent contest. I was jane, baby ;p forty some odd years ago, seems like yesterday.

I’m 45 to date, OMFG this brings back memories

What I love about Ray Stevens is that he can write stuff like this, and yet also write something incredibly serious and beautiful like Everything Is Beautiful. The mark of a true songwriting genius. (IMNSHO). :)

+Robert Nielsen i also love turn your radio on

+Roger Huff Yeah, that’s another very good song. I love that one, too. :)

I don’t know if I commented on this already, but I have happy memories of playing this song over and over, and lip-synching to it as a young tween in the 60s LOL. Mr. Stevens still puts a smile on my face 😉

Sorry banito, but Bob Dylan was the first rapper…….

Ray Stevens-Gitarzan Lyrics

He’s free as the breeze
He’s always at ease
He lives in the jungle and hangs by his knees
As he swings through the trees
With a trapeze in his B.V.D.s
He’s got a union card and he’s practicing hard
To play, the guitar, gonna be a big star
Yeah, he’s gonna go far
And carry moonbeams home in a jar
He ordered Chet’s guitar course C.O.D.
Like A and E and he’s working on be
Big W&W and R&B and even the chimpanzees agree
That someday soon he’ll be a celebrity
Get it, get it, get it.Gitarzan, he’s a gitar man
He’s all you can stand
Give him a hand, gitarzanHe’s got a girl named Jane
With no last name
Kinda homely and plain
But he loves her just the same
Cause she kindles the flame
And it drives him insane
When he hears her say
She really does her thing
It’s her claim to fame
Come on sing one Jane
Baby, baby, oh baby
Baby, oh baby
(How about that folks)They’ve got a pet monkey who likes
To get drunk and sing boogie woogie
And it sounds real funky
Come on your turn boy
Sing one monkey
Let’s hear it for the monkey
On Saturday night they need some excitement
Jane gets right and the monkey gets tight
And their voices unite
In the pale moonlight
And it sounds all rightYeah, it’s dynamite, it’s out of sight
Let’s hear it right now
Baby, baby oh baby
Yeah, shut up baby, I’m trying to sing
Get it, get it, get it
Repeat Chorus