“Say Something” – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords (No Capo!)


01:25 how to play chords
05:20 practice pattern
06:57 picking pattern
12:50 strumming pattern
16:30 chord progressions
20:38 skype lesson giveaway!

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this song is a little different than my usual tutorials, but it’s just so beautiful and requested that i had to learn it for you guys! i hope you find this helpful and look forward to watching your covers! make sure to leave any questions you have in a comment below! =]

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  1. Evelyn S. says:

    Can u do a tutorial for Cosmic Love by Florence + the machines on the
    guitar? Please 

  2. Lucia Gonzalez says:

    Thank you! This video is awesome and exactly what I was looking for. I
    think this is an amazing song and you sounded lovely playing it.

  3. lily oktavia says:

    accepted the you for the lesson. I was able to get finally. thank you as

  4. Sandra Flores says:

    For Christmas I got two guitars and I’m struggling to play chords and
    switch between chords, any advice? Whenever I try to play a chord,there’s a
    buzzing noise my strings make and I’m not even touching it.

  5. Jimmy Paul says:

    great job, even in ur sickness ur wonderful, get better quickly.

  6. Ayame Haruka says:

    You’re better than my guitar teacher xD It would be nice if you can teach
    us how to play popular anime songs like Crossing Field and Sakura Kiss ^ u

  7. Jesse Ding says:

    i love her video, very helpful. such a sweet girl

  8. Just Maybe :3 says:

    i just tuned my guitar to your tutorial but when i plays that first string
    it soured SUPER different :( please help. (I’m a beginner too so)

  9. Michelle Provitola says:

    Wonderful. You do such a nice job teaching. Thanks!

  10. Umedjon Sharifov says:

    You are amazing and a wonderful tutor!! Thanks!!!

  11. bonani mansour says:

    i say thxxxxxxxxxx from algeria ^_^ love u

  12. Praphasiri Kamlangsing says:

    can u pls do who you are by jessie j pls

  13. Nir Sharvit says:

    You are amazing ;-)

  14. FlyingIntoTheStorm says:

    i love your tutorials!!!! thank u very much! <3

  15. deanna dobras says:

    Omg I love your tutorial now I know how to play many songs thank you very
    much for the tutorials you are making keep it up hehe

  16. Nykira Jones says:

    hi!! I’m a beginner, and I would love to have a Skype session (lesson) if
    you please…I’ll give you my Skype and all that if you’re available. And
    again, thanks if you actually want to do the lesson with me. The guitar is
    a really beautiful instrument but is hard to play, oh and I guess you can
    contact me through kik: bubzbub, Instagram: viintxge.nykira, or Twitter:

  17. Minna Palm says:

    I love your tutorials! You are the greatest teacher, and your voice is very
    good too!

  18. jamer beriana says:

    Make breakeven by the script pls?

  19. vato kvantrishvili says:

    great video. thanks! :) 

  20. Luperig Nomad says:

    I’m sorry but I think you sounded cool with your sick voice. lolz

  21. That1Chic says:

    Gah it hurts to play lol but I just need my fingers to callus (which seems
    like it takes forever

  22. Theresa Rivas says:

    Great video, Your voice is beautiful! Thank you!

  23. Elijah Dsouza says:

    Great Tutorial :) It was really helpful THANKS !!! 

  24. jaypeelim28 says:

    You’re too good teacher for us beginners 😉 thanks

  25. Scylla says:

    easy this accords may use waka waka africa shakira’s song

  26. Nicolas Laine says:

    Amazing ! , you play very good and you have a nice voice. Your explanation
    is so clear . Thanks a lot 

  27. World Gaming Community says:

    On what HZ on the guitar tuner does she play? I play 440 and I sound
    nothing like her, please tell me!

  28. Jay Sehvin says:


  29. Wain Train says:

    you´re so beautyful!!!

  30. Nihal Demir says:

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  32. clark bernal says:

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  33. Hector Orozco says:

    Awesome tutorial and awesome way to help people!! Suscribed following on
    Facebook and Twitter !! Keep playing like that!!

  34. lgibby123 says:

    Brill love it! Feckin bar chords though I’m pure useless at them!

  35. Mams says:

    Honestly I never post comment on YT, but this tuto was really great, you
    did it very clear and easy for anybody

    Keep it up miss 😉

    Sorry if I made some mistake, english is not my mother tongue

  36. Jill Dezsenyi says:

    this one Marty guitar taught me to remember my strings was {Eddy, Ate,
    Dynomite, Good, Bye, Eddy } 😀 and they work 

  37. xxTheWolfQueenxx xx says:

    omg i searched forever to how to play this song and i found you and i

  38. Ana Maria says:

    i love your videos! :3

  39. Carlson Choo says:

    I like this song very much!

  40. Jimena DeLa Cruz says:

    So i just a guitar and I’m new at it but i was wondering since you don’t
    need a capo does that mean i have to tune the guitar or leave it as it is?

  41. Amila Jayatillaka says:

    It became one of my fav after seeing Alex and Sierra performed this song..
    I you just did an awesome job teaching this to everyone :)…

  42. Joshua Urquia says:

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  43. Yuuri laf8 says:

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  44. prerana adhikari says:

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  45. sterling samspson says:

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  46. Marissa Schrijver says:

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  47. katykitkat Price says:

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