The basics of Improvisation : Learn how to improvise on the guitar (Guitar Lesson)

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Backing tracks used in this vidéo :

– Rubato in A harmonic minor :–6w
– Rubato in C major :
– Rubato in A blues :

– Am E7 (A harmonic minor) :
– C G7 (C major) :
– A7 (A blues) :


  1. Excellent lesson, well structured and presented with great english too!
    Thank you for sharing your skills with us. I would hope you will make more
    english speaking videos as I know there are a lot of english speaking
    beginners like me out there!

  2. That was cool! Now I can understand you. I am from Bulgaria and my french
    it’s not so good. :) Now I like your lessons much more!

  3. bravo pour l’effort en anglais… tu parles bien mieux que moi… 😉 vidéo
    sympa et du coup j’ai visité ton site qui est bien foutu… You have win a
    follower… :)

  4. awesome lesson.. wish all your videos would be in english.. any chance?

  5. Hey thanks for the free documments and the backing tracks helped me a lot.
    May God bless you!

  6. you are just amazing! you have opened a new world for me :) thanks a lot!