16-year-old guitar phenom Tina S. shreds Jason Becker


16-year-old guitar phenom Tina S., that hails from France, launched her most recent video on YouTube on Friday, September 4th in which she shreds Jason Becker’s song “Altitudes.” We got ta state … wow!

As you could see and listen to, Tina has some real talent. She has done a couple of other really outstanding guitar covers in the previously, consisting of Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen, so this is no fluke. Other videos she has actually done consist of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets”, Dragon Force’s “Through the Fire as well as Fires”, Steve Vai’s “Paganini Fifth Temper (Crossroads)”, as well as lots of others.

Even Jason Becker himself chipped in claiming, “Fantastic having fun, Tina! Thank you so much! I am honored!” We ‘d have to concur!

Regarding the Guitar Professional: Tina S.
Tina S Guitar PhenomTina, who has actually been playing the guitar since she was 6k, credits her love of guitar to female guitarists Ana Vidovic and Orianthi, her older bro as well as her educator, French guitarist/composer Renaud Louis-Servais: “He was the one who truly gave me the devices to substantially improve my technique in addition to my musical expertise thanks to his feeling of training, his inspiration and also his experience,” she claims.

Offered all the interest as a young 16-year-old gal that happens to be a guitar prodigy, Tina has actually even ended up being rather of a spokesperson for women musicians against sexism. “These old bias will at some point go away if we keep hanging on and also never ever surrendering,” she claims. “To be a woman is by no means a weakness neither an embarassment however a stamina.” Even more power to her! We support her and also all women artists, including our own female teachers.

You can see even more guitar videos from Tina S. on her YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. As of this blog post, Tina has virtually 300,000 customers on YouTube, 163,000+ suches as on facebook, as well as almost 10,000 fans on twitter. It goes without saying, her playing has actually obtained her some well-deserved appeal.

We could wait for her next video to be uploaded, and also one could just wonder that she’ll select. What guitarist or tune would certainly you want to see her cover next?