How To Play Guitar FAST!

In this video, I will teach you how to shred super fast! I’ll even give you some tips on how to CHEAT and make it LOOK like you can play fast! 😉


  1. I think another good tip would be to record yourself playing just on your phone or something. Very often when you're playing, you don't here the mistakes that you make and you can fool yourself into thinking you're better than you are.

  2. Just teach the lesson dude. Nobody gives a cap about ur stupid ass antics

  3. 0;59 Sounds Like Rings Of Saturn (I know that they dont do this).

  4. I really like the look of that guitar. Maple fingerboard and neck through.

  5. OH NO YOUR HOOOOOOOOMEEEEE!!!!11ONE00! ;_________(((
    I will never forget those flames, so intense…….so ALIVE 
    sigh sob