20 Acoustic Songs You Should Learn

This is a video of 20 acoustic beginner to intermediate songs I think are cool to learn on the guitar. These are just my opinions of good songs that play well on acoustic. I have listed the tabs to every song in the video so if you see a song you may want to learn, look it up and click the tabs I provided. These tabs are the best ones I could find for each song. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions to a new list of certain songs you may want. Thanks and enjoy :)

1. Good Riddance Green Day

2. Wonderwall Oasis

3. Jumper Third Eye Blind

4. Slide Goo Goo Dolls

5. Change Blind Melon

6. Swing Life Away Rise Against

7. Blackbird The Beatles

8. Dust in the Wind Kansas

9. Rebubula Moe

10. Every Rose has its Thorn Poison

11. Over the Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin

12. Hey There Delilah Plain White Ts

13. More Than A Feeling Boston

14. No Rain Blind Melon

15. Sister Golden Hair America

16. All For You Sister Hazel

17. Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd

18. Collide Howie Day

19. Landslide Fleetwood Mac

20. Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton


  1. another good acoustic riff is the opening of don't cry by guns and roses

  2. Also, stairway to heaven, hotel california, boulevard of broken dreams

  3. Better play before you die… Dust in the Wind,  More than Words, Tears in Heaven,  Starway to Heaven, Air (Bach), Away from the Sun/Here Without you(3Doors), With Arms Wide Open(Creed), Here Comes the Sun(Beatles) , Love of my Life(Queen), April Come She Will(Simon/Garfunkel)

  4. As an experienced guitar player, over the hills and far away by Led Zeppelin IS NOT a song for even intermediate players. Jimmy page is probably THE greatest ever and rightfully so. The guy made countless hits. But just saying, not a beginner song.

  5. Spit Me Out -by Collective Soul.!!! Such a great fucking song, mellow and exciting as it builds up!!!And easy to play.

  6. Some are good but most are not…what happened to other iconic bands like Extreme, More than words- I think that's one of the best acoustic guitar song my friend..!

  7. Been playing solid for a year now, I agree with all but Over the Hills and Far Away, that song was pretty tough to nail and very hard on my fingertips in the beginner stages. Great when you get it though!

  8. I remember number three from Yes Man when Jim Carrey sings to the jumper on the ledge 

  9. OMG! that green day song 'good riddance' was the first song I ever learned!