1. Thank you! I like the presentation, lighting etc. I can actually see and hear what you are doing unlike many other instructor's tube tutorials ; )

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU! I looked EVERYWHERE for someone who could teach me it without using heaps of frets etc… I have a health issue with makes me hard to play harder chords… BUT I really like singing this song and wanted to play my guitar with it. Thanks again, this is just what I needed! 

  3. marty hey me again i learned how to play over the hills and far away thanks  to your videos i know that intro in the beg is your own  but i hope you dont mind that i learned it it was to mind blowing not 2 :) 

  4. Sir. I saw George Harrison tribute concert, And It was Incredible!!! good job 😉 I loved it!!!

  5. So sweet. Thank you for slowing this down – it's way easier than I had thought. First time I picked up my Guild D25 in a few years. Fingers rusty, but it's still there. ♥